Wednesday, May 28, 2008

As if! It is so true!

So do you like ever have one of those days where you totally know that it's like a perfect hair day?
OMH I like totally had the most perfect of perfect hair days on Monday. I was like doing stuff around my house or whatever and it was like 7:00 at night and I happened to walk past a mirror and it was like Whoa! check out that hair! So of course to my husband I was like "look at how great my hair is today!" and he was like "uh-huh" or whatever, but I mean, he's like a guy so whatever, he doesn't get it.
But really, it was like SO totally soft and straight and clean. I mean it's almost always clean, but by the end of the day it's like never all straight and usually it only looks good, like really good, for the first hour of the day and or whatever and then it's like way blah for the rest of the day.
So like a day when it's perfect all day and I didn't even go to the salon or anything is like seriously one of the best days of my life, like ever!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What's in a name

Don't you think that names are so interesting?

My dad knew a guy whose name was Harry Pitts. I knew a girl who married a Skank (but what about a Harry Skank?). Burgoyne isn't too wierd - although now telemarketers can't pronouce either my first or last name.

On the day I got married my father-in-law took the time to tell me how important the Burgoyne name is and what a heritage I have to live up to.

Have you ever known someone who lived up to their name perfectly?

Mike and I gained a niece this weekend. Her parents were kind enough to give her the normal name of Isabelle. I wondered if she was the only Isabelle Burgoyne out there, and if not what did history have to reveal about her? So I did what any other person would do and I googled her. It was so much fun that I googled the names of my other neices and nephew too. Here's what I found:

Madelynne Burgoyne - No one else in history seems to have that name. (I knew she was one of a kind!)
Elijah Bell - if history repeats he will most likely be an anesthesiologist or a baptist pastor. (his fascination with things that hurt and kill turn to ways of healing and salvation?)
Hannah Burgoyne - born in Boston in 1713 and now has a facebook page (that I can access if I create an account, it's free and easy!).
Leah Bell - Studied art in Italy for years and now has her own studio on the east coast. (That might make her my favorite now).
Isabelle Burgoyne - only daughter of the revolutionary war general, scorned Adam O'Brian during their love affair. (Watch out for those Irish men!)

I know you're all going to go google your own names now, let me know what kind of heritage you have to follow! (There is no other Shaina Burgoyne, in case you were wondering. Guess I'll have to write history myself).

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's written in the stars

Today is the first day of the Gemini period in the zodiac calendar.
Here's a shout out to all my fellow twins:
(Especially Brigham Young, Marilyn Monroe, Alanis Morissette and my father-in-law Bill who were all born on the very best of the Gemini days - June 1st!)

We are*:
Adaptable and versatile
Communicative and witty
Intellectual and eloquent
Youthful and lively
Nervous and tense
Superficial and inconsistent
Cunning and inquisitive

We like:
Novelty and the unusual
Variety in life
Multiple projects all going at once

We dislike:
Feeling tied down
Being in a rut
Mental inaction
Being alone

*source: some astrology website I googled. I really didn't make it up, I promise. It's eerily accurate though.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've been working on the railroad

Our weekend adventure was so great, it deserved a soundtrack! So feel free to hum aloud as you read! (You might have to be a little creative with the rhythym but I'm sure you can figure it out, you're smart enough).

I've been living in Utah, all my live long day.
But I've not seen all the landmarks that make this place so great.
So I took a little venture
with my husband dear
So we took a little venture
to see the history here!

Promontory Point! Promontory Point!
With the Golden Spi-i-ike!
Promontory Point! Promontory Point!
with the Golden Spike!

Someone's in the picture of history, someone's in the picture I kno-o-ow.
Someone's in the picture of history, it's great grandpa Grenville!
He's singing "fee-fi-fiddly-high-oh, tickets-fees-I'm-in-the-dough-oh! Fee-fi-fiddly-high-oh!" That's grandpa Grenville!

Thank You.
We really did have a great time watching the re-enactment of the spike, better than we expected. And it was cool to learn that my great grandpa was part of the ceremony! He's the one circled in the photo. The national parks brochure says he was the Cheif Engineer for the Union Pacific. Sounds pretty important to me.

"Shaina, I think I hear the train coming!"

Yeah, it's a real steam locomotive and yeah, we really got to see it speeding down the tracks, and yeah, it was cool.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This time I mean it

I'VE HAD ENOUGH! I can't take even more one day of it. All the whining and complaining, the feeling sorry and making up excuses. It's the same thing every day and of course it never changes because NO ONE MAKES IT CHANGE!
Well, baby get ready, because it's changing RIGHT NOW!

That's right. I'm done walking past the glass doors at work and noticing what has gradually worked over me. I'm done starting a program and giving up 2 weeks later. I'm done "taking a water break" after only 10 minutes of playing any sport or outside game. And I am most certainly done squeezing into those capri pants from High School until I can BUTTON THEM UP and BREATHE at the same time!

I bought the MP3 player ($20 at and loaded it up with songs.
I bought the Hello Kitty digital watch with timer ($6 Target).
I found the training program (Google "couch to 5k")
And I set the goal: The Deseret Morning News Days of '47 5K run on July 24th.

I will train and I will run this race.


Sunday, May 4, 2008


Our little family is big on themes. And the theme of this weekend has been a soccer one. It started with a friday evening picnic and pick-up soccer game we had with Mike's sister, her husband, and their little ones. It ended with us going to the Real Salt Lake game (our local major league soccer team, pronounced Ree-al)and Mike splurging on good tickets because they were playing LA Galaxy with David Beckham.

(side note: at first we were a little skeptical about all the hype around Beckham, but after clearing a goal from the middle of nowhere and then a picture perfect free-kick goal, we too are now believers. If even if he is an arrogant brit who takes his shirt off and walks late onto the field because he can and if he has a high-pitched femmy voice. He still is one of the best in the game.)

Both nights we had a great time. And I noticed a few similarities and differences between the games:
* Both nights there were moments of unsportsmanship. One night yellow cards were given out, the other just good old time-outs on the blanket.
* Friday night, Eli (my 4yr old nephew), got upset that his team wasn't winning so he threw a tantrum and pushed another player down. Saturday, Donovan from LA did the exact same thing.
* Both nights I found myself cheering just a little for the other team because of really good plays they made.
* The MLS didn't really have the challenge of one of their players being 7 months pregnant, or of a toddler who kept picking up the goal and walking away with it.
* The family league didn't have a problem with cocky players, stupid refs or annoying fans.
* Both nights I ending the evening looking forward to the time (hopefully soon) when we get to do that again.

Proof that we were there with Beckham and #10 from Real, one of Mike's favorites, taking a nice one in the face.
(second side note: the best way to get tickets to Real is through KFC for a discount price or through a Happenings coupon book for an even better discount. And call us if you're going so we can join you!)