Monday, February 11, 2013

"Coleslaw Convo"

Real text conversation between 2 parents:

There once was a lad named Blaze
Who drove his ma to a craze.
But each night before bed,
she'd lay a kiss on his head
and pray Lord, let this be just a phaze!

I'm aware of said cute little boy,
And his ability to irk and annoy.
So what has he done, to make it no fun
To hang out with him todoy?

No doubt when he sleeps he is terribly sweet
When he plays he is something to adore
The trouble comes when he eats and no matter the treat
He likes it best dumped on the floor!

I cannot imagine the stress you are having,
This behavior simply must stop .
You must tell him "no more more throwing good food on the floor .
Do it again and it's your turn to mop!"