Friday, October 25, 2013

September Part 1

In September the relatives came to Utah to visit!

I have an equally cute, almost identical picture of Leah. Some day I'll put them side by side and compare levels of adorable.

One of my favorite pictures of Blaze of all time.

Outfit #2 of the day after playing in the creek.

Outfit #3 of the day... I might have just given up at this point. But at least he has shoes.

Blaze thinks he is one of the big kids. No way he was going to sit at the table like the babies (no offense Alice or Naomi).



August was all about our trip to Denver for Hannah's baptism.

Oh and we also went to a ballgame when we got home.


Our summer was jam packed with visits to family and from family and with family. So to not overload the family members that read this blog, I'll break up the posts by month.


4 Generations. Some day I plan on learning how to use Photoshop so I can fix pictures like this ...
Playing on cousin Josh's 4 wheeler
Tractor ride. Blaze cried almost the entire time, but then talked about it for weeks afterwards like it was his favorite thing ever.
Examining a butterfly
We took a trip to the aquarium with Grammy, Aunt Wynn, and Aunt Janet. You would think 5 adults could keep up with the energy of one toddler, but not this toddler. He wore us out.  
Hogle Zoo
They can never, ever, ever get rid of this drinking fountain. It's been one of the most memorable parts of the zoo for decades.
Dinosaur Museum