Monday, January 28, 2008

By Request

Some have asked that we post more of the lost but now found wedding pics. So out of more than 900, there are a few of the best in a handy-dandy slide show on our blog

(there on the side------>)

So sit back, relax, and enjoy! But watch closely, you may recognize more faces than you think!

Note: Near the end there is a picture of a very elderly looking couple. They are the Waites, and Brother Waite was the man who performed our wedding ceremony.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The case of the missing wedding pictures

When she first discovered the injustice of the missing wedding photos, she knew she wouldn't be able to rest until there was restitution. She knew the key to solving this was Mr. Barney, the elusive owner of Simply Photography.
She could only start with the few leads she had and try to build from there. Things weren't easy. Websites were out of order, phone lines were dead. And any government agency was protecting themselves with a "please allow 60 days for a response" clause. 60 days was out of the question.
She thought she had finally got a break when she got a hold of a new list of phone numbers and addresses from a contact at the local news channel's investigative team (Thanks Gephardt). But the information wasn't all positive. Simply Photography had filed bankruptcy in September. Even if she did contact them, there a was a chance that they would no longer have any of the files that contained the missing pictures.
Things were starting to look bad. There was still no response to any of the phone calls, a visit to the office where Mr. Barney was supposedly employed was a waste as he hadn't been seen there in 4 months. She was getting discouraged, but not ready to give up yet. Her last resort was to visit the Barney's home address and confront them face to face.
The morning before she was going to make her visit, she got an email from the Barneys. One of the government agencies she had filed with came through. A cd with the wedding pictures would be in the mail that afternoon.
The Burgoyne's got the cd a few days later, and to their joy and relief, this time it had the right pictures.

Another case closed, another happy ending.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Practice makes perfect and fish are cheaper than kids

About 4 months ago Mike and Shaina became the proud adoptive parents of a fish. It is a pretty betta with beautiful pink and peach flowing fins. But it's a boy. So they named it Dagger.
It seems to have a normal and happy life in its fish bowl for one, furnished with plastic flowers. Mike and Shaina could have been nominated for the Fish Parents of the Year award if it wasn't for this past month.
The temperature in the Draper area has been particularly cold the last few weeks, and in order to conserve energy and cash, the Burgoyne's have been turning the heat down in their home during the day while they are both at work and at night while they are sleeping.
One morning Mamma Shaina was giving little Dag his breakfast, thinking about how cold she was and she wondered if a fish could feel cold. She tested his water, it was pretty chilly. A good google search later that day informed her that Betta fish are native to Indonesia, go figure. And the water there averages about 75-80 degrees all year long.
Now the Burgoyne's are stuck with a parenting dilemma. How can they keep their Dagger cozy and warm like he should be during the bitter winter?
Mamma Shaina has tried a few things, but isn't confident they are the right solutions:

They did buy a space heater, it even has an automatic turn off so it wouldn't burn the house down. But what if they turn that on during the day and it becomes too warm for Dagger?

Unless they find a solution soon, poor Dag will either freeze or boil and go to the big fish bowl in the sky before it's his time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

art imitating life

Have you ever watched the show Scrubs?
Have you ever seen Mike and his friend Joel together? Or at least heard stories?

Both wives have noticed on seperate occasions similarites between their husbands and JD and Turk. (except that they are both white and neither are doctors).

Think about it.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Comissioner, put out the bat signal

The local authorities have just issued a request for the public’s help in solving a recent crime. They feel that considering the nature of this crime, quick and timely action is required to bring safety to the entire area and justice to the victims. Here is their report:

Victims: Shaina and Michael Burgoyne

Suspect: Simply Photography Co. and all associated personnel

Dates of criminal activity: 06/08/07 – present

Details of Crime:
The Burgoynes had hired the suspect to photograph the day of their wedding. A fair price was negotiated and agreed upon by both parties for the photography services as well as a specified number of prints developed professionally and a cd of all photograph proofs taken that day for the Burgoynes to use at their discretion. On the day of the wedding the photographs were taken. The week following the professional prints were developed, the proof cd distributed, and all payment received in full . In December the Burgoynes opened the proof cd for the first time. It contained 2 files: Bridals and Wedding. The bridals contained pictures of Mrs. Burgoyne taken before the wedding. The Wedding file however contained pictures of another bride, presumably another client of the suspect. No pictures of the actual wedding day were to be found anywhere on the disk.
The Burgoyne’s have attempted to contact the suspect in order to remedy the error, but have been unsuccessful. The suspect seems to have fled the area. The website indicates that the company has been shut down. The physical store is locked and inaccessible. The last known phone number is out of service. This leaves the Burgoynes without the pictures of their wedding day and without means for restitution of either product or payment.

The authorities fear that there is an unknown number of couples who have also been victimized.

If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of the suspect or where the missing wedding file may be they are asked to come forward immediately.