Monday, August 22, 2011

Please Use No. 2 Pencils Only

School is back in session for most everyone now. To celebrate, we are going to have a pop quiz. Since most of  my "leisure" reading these days is centered around pregnancy and babies, that will be the topic for today's test.

#1. On average, how many diapers does a baby go through in 1 year?

#2. When does the 3rd trimester "officially" begin?

#3. Please rate the following "pregnancy moments" I've had from least to most funny:
                     A. (At 3 months): "I thought you were pregnant, the guys and I were talking about things we noticed were different about you."
                     B. "You're not due until December and you're already that big? At least you're not getting fat in your face."
                     C. 5 months pregnant, I walk into the State Liquor store and pick up a $700 order of booze.  
                     D. "Cool name. Makes me think of a stoner or WWE wrestler."

#4. T/F Waiting at the doctor's office for 45+ minutes so you can have a 5 minute check up is acceptable.

#5. T/F It's ok to buy chocolate milk every single day with your lunch, and then blame it on a craving so the cashier doesn't judge you.

Bonus Question:
In one to two paragraphs, please describe how much Mike and Shaina have no clue what they have gotten themselves into.

Pencils down. Everyone grade your own.

1. 2,300. With that much practice Mike's going to be an expert after 1 year!
2. Got me. Everything I read says something different depending on if you're counting months, weeks, or days; when you start counting; and if it's a leap year or not. I say it starts whenever the heartburn and swollen feet become commonplace.
3. No right answer. But C was for an event at work for those of you already questioning my competency as a mother.
4. I say False, but appearantly it's standard in the medical field.
5. TRUE. Of course.