Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vacation Report

For our Spring Break Vacation my family went to Ocala Florida. We visited Papa and Grandma Eleanor Openhowski. They were really nice. Everything in their house is green or pink or has flowers on it. We spent one day at Silver Springs where we got to go on TWO boat rides and the boats have glass on the bottom so you can see the fishes and stuff. We saw tons of alligators! It was cool. I was a little scared of the alligators, but Mike wasn’t, he's brave. The next day we went to Universal Studios, just Mike and me. It was pretty cool we went on some good rides and ate funnel cake. I really liked the Men in Black one and Mike liked the Mummy one. It was a good day, but I heard Mike said it was “highway robbery” when he paid for the ticket to get in. After that we went to eat at The Hard Rock Cafe. It’s one of my favorite places and Mike even let us order a chocolate milkshake to share! The rest of the time that we were there was spent watching tv or reading books or playing dominoes and stuff. And lots of sleeping in. I liked that. The best part of our Spring Break vacation was when Papa kissed me on top of the head before we went to "Palooloo Land”(that means bedtime). He said I wasn’t really part of the family before that, but he thought I was nice enough that he’d let me into the gang. I like Florida and can’t wait until we get to go back!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Scheduled Outage

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Have You Seen Me?

Michael Burgoyne was last reported seen on the campus of BYU last week moving from computer lab to computer lab as they were each being shut down for the night. His wife says she misses him and wants him to come home soon. She thought finals were tough when she was still a student, but now thinks this is much worse.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Baby Hogs

Both of my sisters-in-law are expecting babies this year. I also have cousins on both sides of my family that are pregnant. Of the 15 "friends" with blog links listed on this page, 8 of them have either had a baby in the past year, or will have one before the end of the year. And then I got an email from a old co-worker this morning announcing to our office that she's expecting her 2nd child.
Ok, so what, right? I mean it makes sense that most people around my age are in the child-bearing stage of their life. And I am happy for them and their little bundles.
But Mike and I were talking this morning about how we're living in the last days. Who knows how much longer this world is even going to exist.
What if they are sending down the last shift of the entire human population right now? What if they run out of babies to send down before we're ready to have one?

So to all my reproducing friends out there I say:
Dudes, save some for the rest of us, ok?