Friday, July 25, 2008

Runner 5313

I know many have been anticipating this... the results are finally in from the "big run" yesterday.

I was able to talk my brother and sister into running with me, which made it even more fun.

Here are the stats for the 5k:

Out of 219 runners...

Riley was 31st with a time of 23:48:8 (3rd out of 17 in his age group)

I was 69th with a time of 27:40:9 (7th out of 31 in my age group)

Carynn was 120th with a time of 32:20:3. (11th out of 24 in her age group)

I was just glad that being the first real race for all of us we at least crossed the finish line, but it's a little sweeter that none of us were even in the bottom 1/4 of the ranking!

Now that I am an expert in running, let me share some of the wisdom I've gained in the past 3 months:

- Good shoes really do make a world of difference.

- Waking up at 5:30 to run still sucks, even if you've been doing it for 3 months and it's the day before your race.

- Running outside is better in the morning when there aren't people around and it's not hot

- Running on a treadmill only works if there is something really good on tv to watch while you run.

- It really is the diet + exercise formula that works because even when you exercise 4 times a week, if you eat a lot of cupcakes, ice cream and cookies, your high school jeans still won't fit.

- Crossing the finish line is a great feeling, no matter what time it was at.

There are more races coming up in August and September, if anyone else wants to join in the fun!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Shaina's Spa and Resort

*Spa is only open on weekends when Mike is out of town and Shaina is left home alone on a Friday night and can only service one person (Shaina) per day.

Services include:

* scrumptious dinner of all salad and no meat
* complete facial with the exclusive exfoliating scrub with olive oil extractsfollowed by an avacado mud mask to purify and mosturize
* overnight hair repair treatment with a deep conditioner the next morning
* free showing of the best chic flics cable has to offer, ice cream optional (this week's movie of choice was Little Women)
* a luxurious queen size bed all to your self with no snoring or morning breath to bother you and no one else to steal the sheets

Also available: hot tub, pedicures/manicures and pilates classes (well, a DVD).

Total cost: $4.00 (for salad and ice cream) thanks to the free samples in the mail, newspapers, and grocery store.

I'd prefer to have Mike home with me every weekend, but when he does have to leave, at least I make the most of it!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Office Romance

*Some people are married to their jobs, we're just dating ours*

A couple is dating. One person decides that things aren’t really going as well they used to be and that they aren’t really as happy in that relationship as they thought they would be. The “maybe it’s time to break up” idea starts forming in the back of their mind. They have nearly reached a definite “I want out” when suddenly something happens: flowers for no reason, a real engaging conversation, or just a great doorstep scene, and the person starts to reconsider. They think “well, maybe things aren’t SO bad, I’ll stay in a little longer and see what happens.”

The “maybe, well maybe not” battle continues, sometimes for years, before any definite action is taken.

I thought I had left all of that behind when I got married. I was wrong. Apparently the mind games that go on in the dating world can also happen in the corporate world.

Lately more than ever, Mike and I have been thinking about how un-thrilled we are with what we’re doing at work. It’s not that we have bad jobs; they just don’t make us really happy anymore. We talk about when and how we can “break up” with work.
Then, this week happened.

My work bought everyone lunch and cupcakes and I had a great morning with one of my coworkers restructuring a process that has been a mess for years. It was like having one of those “engaging conversations” with my job.

Mike’s work took us to Park City and paid for an evening of zipline, alpine slide, and roller coaster rides kicked off by a nice dinner where the head of his department lathered on the flattery and praise for each individual member of the team. It was a sort of “flowers for no reason” night.

So we ended the week with a “well, maybe it’s not SO bad.”

Although, in the back of our minds we’re still thinking about breaking up. Unless an incredible "doorstep scene" raise comes along…

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Land that We Love

We are celebrating the 4th of July this year by sleeping in and then attending 4 different BBQs/Picnics.

Lots of food, lots of friends and no work for 3 days.

That's what I call living the American Dream.