Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Vacation

I'm less than a month late in posting these pictures, so that's not too bad, right?? Plus, now you have something to brighten up your dull and boring January!

We had a great Christmas. Luckily, Blaze remembered all of the unwrapping skills he had mastered with his birthday a few weeks earlier.

Fine, I'll rip the paper. But then we get breakfast, ok?

Unfortunately, his mom hasn't mastered the "take a crazy amount of pictures for each holiday moment" skill that is part of parenthood. So there is only one picture of that day for the record. Oops, better luck at the next holiday. It's still a cute picture though.

The best part of Christmas was the entire week that Mike had off of work. We spent a lot of time taking naps, eating leftover ham, and just enjoying the time together. We also snuck in a few activities and outings including a trip to the aquarium with Grandpa and Grandma Groves.
petting the sting ray
getting a closer look into one of the tanks
Blaze loved climbing on the frog, we went back multiple times
Shark Teeth. And I thought breaking in the 8 little chompers I have was hard enough. I bet this guy's mom didn't put up a fight about brushing twice a day though.

Mike tackled a few woodworking projects with his extra time. Blaze was an excellent helper.
It's ok mom, this is man's work. We've got it.

Uh yeah, that's uh 3 and uh 1/8th there. Yep.