Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hula Hoops to hold up my socks

This post is mostly for my family, who has always had an odd appreciation for fat jokes. Over the past few months, I feel like the jokes have taken on a whole new level of reality for me.

This mamma is so fat.... when using a public restroom she gets trapped between the toilet and the stall door.

This mamma is so fat.... she parks in the driveway because the garage isn't big enough for both the car and her at the same time.

This mamma is so fat...she can't ever get past the shoulders in "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" actions but is REALLY good at "Once there was a Snowman", except that she can't get up again after she has "melted".

This mamma is so fat...when she drops something on the floor it's a 3 stage process for picking it back up again.

This mamma is so fat...that wearing her favorite winter boots requires a 10 minute yoga routine to get them on and the help of a second party to get them off again.

Enjoy Groves Family! At least my shadow doesn't weigh 42 pounds...yet.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


This Halloween we decided to really take advantage of the opportunities we had including:

  • The opportunity to create food that was just delicious to eat as it was cool to look at.
  • The opportunity to waste spend time together watching tv while we made our costumes by hand.
  • The opportunity to utilize the extra "accessory" we had in our costume design.
I like to think that we accomplished all of that and more.

Scary Dinner 2011
P.S. I'm told the slide show isn't showing for everyone, though I can't figure out why. So here is a link to the pics Hopefully that works.

What October Showers Bring

October was a busy month, with a lot of things happening. November is going to be just a lot of waiting. But at least I have time to post some pictures.

There's nothing to make a family feel loved than having 3 different baby showers thrown in their honor. People are the best!

The first was a family shower. The highlights included:

A totally awesome diaper cake by Aunt Becca:

Soon-to-be Grandma Groves getting a head start on the spoiling:

Handmade gifts by incredible friends:

And finally a depiction of what a combination of Mike's and Shaina's features will look like by the soon-to-be Aunts Elise and Carynn. For the child's sake, I hope they are very wrong.

The next party was thrown by my co-workers. They all chipped in to get a crib:

My favorite part of the party was the food: beef jerky, trail mix, and crystal light, trying to accommodate the high protein/low carb diet I'm supposed to be on.

Also, some friends in the neighborhood threw a little get together. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from that but it was great.
Again, my favorite part was the food, mostly because one of my friends owns The Chocolate (in Orem and West Jordan) so there were amazing pumpkin cookies and brownies, trying to accommodate my need to throw the diet out the window once in awhile.

Yea for showers! And especially for wonderful people who are a part of our life!