Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cold Cougars in Colorada

Last week we took a trip to Colorado to watch BYU play CSU.
Despite Mike being terribly sick all week and staying in bed during most of our stay, he found the strength to still attend the game.

We got there early enough to watch the players warm up. I think Mike was tempted to reach out and just touch one of them.

He's watching BYU football with his brother Will, so I know Mike is having a great time. It's either all of the Nyquil or the freezing cold that makes it hard to see that in his expression.

"If onlyI could be out there with them. *sigh*"

Monday, November 1, 2010

All Hallowed Eve

Party #1:
Not your typical work party. Riding the scooter all day was fun.

Party #2:
Trunk-or-treating in the rain. You don't really get a good look at the costumes this way.

Party #3 (the one you've all been waiting for):

This year was arguably the best one we have had yet. The food was fantastic, the games fun, and we even had multiple celebrity guests show up.