Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Wonders of Technology

Ya know how some people say that when we die we'll get to watch a replay of our life? I picture this happening in a comfy chair in front of a big screen tv with me holding the remote so I can fast forward through the scary or boring scenes.

The thing about movies though, is that I can't watch one anymore without looking it up on immediately afterwards, or even during the movie if I'm at home.

So I'm modifying my mental image of the final cut screening of my life to include a laptop with a mldb (my life database) on it. This way when I watch the part where I meet someone and have the feeling that I've seen him somewhere else I can look up the name and see "also appeared in 9th grade English class as weird kid in the back row". I would also look up the trivia and fun facts section and read things like "a number of names were considered for the role of Shaina's Husband and it took months of repeat auditions before Michael was finally cast."

I did just finish watching the movie Star Trek Generations on tv. Maybe by the 24th century they'll have that kind of technology figured out. It can't be harder than holodecks, right? By the way, did you know that it was William Shatner's only "Star Trek" appearance without Leonard Nimoy?