Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Road Rage

This morning driving to work I was patiently going 25 miles per hour (the posted and enforced speed limit) through the neighborhood when I white impala got behind me and impatiently rode my tail all the way to the main street.

I waited for traffic clear and found a moment of opportunity to safely turn left over the railroad tracks and onto the road. The impala did not wait but quickly screeched out into the road, giving the drivers in the oncoming lanes I'm sure a bit of a rush.

I approached the next intersection, which is a 4-way stop, at the regular speed limit preparing to turn right. The impala sped past me and as the driver also prepared to turn at the 4-way stop I noticed that he didn't even bother with a turn signal.

I thought "What a rude driver. Seriously." Then I pulled up behind him and noticed the license plate:

Government Vehicle - For Official Use Only

There has got be a good joke or analogy someone can make of this story.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Shopping Spree

I usually don't like to go shopping for myself, and I usually don't write mushy things about how wonderful Mike is on my blog.
But this weekend is an exception.

I thought I was going to a girls lunch out on Saturday. Really, that was just part of the plan to get me out of the house. As we were all leaving, I found out that Mike had arranged for the girls to "kidnap" me with specific instructions on how we were to spend our afternoon: shopping.

We all had envelopes of cash (provided by a work bonus, so not anything I was planning on) and had to spend our entire amount spoiling ourselves at the Park City outlets that day.

Mike had planned it well. There was no way I could get out of being practical with the money. My only option was to shut up and shop. So I did.

With a spending budget and a staff of personal fashion experts (my sisters) I actually had a great time shopping.

I love Mike for thinking of me and treating me to a worry-free self-indulgent day. He is such an awesome husband!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Roommate Reunion

This week the girls of Alta 312 were reunited for a few hours (we missed you Sarah and Brittany)!

This week the guys of WQ 6 also all got together for a few hours.

It's great to have friends that you know will be some of your favorite people in the world for the rest if your life.