Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Birthday Boy

Blaze is 2!

On his birthday we had special breakfast of pumpkin french toast (with whipped cream on top) and hot chocolate. Then Blaze's friend Taylor from the neighborhood came over to play (her mom and brother Baby Mitt came too). Blaze loves having friends come over to our house, it was a great way to spend the morning.

Once Dad came home from work we had a dinner of some of Blaze's favorite foods: meatloaf (with extra ketchup) and peas.

In the evening some extended family came over and Blaze had a great time opening presents and eating cake. In nursery they sing the "Happy Birthday Song" to the kids so Blaze knew the words and had been singing it to himself all day.

He must have had a good day, for weeks afterward whenever any mention of birthdays was made he would ask "Blaze birthday too?"

I did take pictures of the day, but part way through the fun I had to switch to a new memory card. Until I remember the safe place I put the other memory card, this is the only documentation I have of the day.

At least we have proof that he enjoyed his cake!
Found the other pictures from the big party. Enjoy!

Waiting is so hard, especially when you know cake and presents are involved.

Checking out the new stuff with Grandpa

He jumped on the scooter the second he saw it

Is the song over yet? Can't I just eat this already?