Sunday, November 10, 2013

Trick or Treat

I already posted pictures of us in our Halloween costumes, but I wanted to share the trick-or-treat experience in more detail.

We went to my parent's neighborhood since it has more houses and less 3 story high condo stairs to climb. We enjoyed the traditional chili and cornbread dinner, then headed out to teach Blaze the tricks of the candy trade.

Lucky for us the weather was nice and we went out early enough in the evening that Blaze's little legs didn't freeze in his short shorts. We also decided to only go to about 10 handpicked neighbors' doors so we weren't out very long.

At the first 2 doors Blaze thought we were going over to play so when the door opened he would walk right in and make himself at home with whatever book, toy, or pet he saw. As soon as he realized the purpose was to get candy, his approach changed. For the rest of the houses we visited he would quietly mumble something that sorta sounded like "trick or treat," hold out his bag, and as soon as he had the candy he would try to shut the door so we could move on. It didn't matter if the person was still talking, he got what he came for and was ready to keep going.

Of course the neighbors said he had the best costume they saw all night. I would have to agree.