Saturday, June 22, 2013


Blaze is now a year and a half! I want to remember some things about him at this time:

He is 31 inches (17%)
He is 27 pounds (86%)

He says over 20 words and seems to be adding to his vocabulary every day. He LOVES going "sye" (outside) and gets really excited when he hears someone mention it and, like a puppy, will sit at the door whining until you let him out.

He climbs on EVERYTHING he can - stools, chairs, railings, his crib, rocks, walls. In fact I don't think he has any fear or sense of self-preservation. At the pool he will jump in whenever he wants and not bother to check if any one is ready to catch him (thank heavens for floaties!).  So he is constantly getting new bruises and scrapes. I guess this is something I will need to get used to.

He runs everywhere he goes. Sometimes it is on his tip toes, or with his arms straight back, or with his chubby little legs and butt wobbling as he tries to keep up the momentum. But it always full speed and energy ahead. 

He is very social, loves nursery and playdates and park trips - any place with other kids.

He is also starting to say No when he doesn't want to do something and throw tantrums when I say No to something in return. I hope this is not something that lasts long.

Overall though, he is still the most adorable little boy who loves to have fun, be silly, laugh and make others laugh.

Blaze and his cousins before swim lessons. He and Naomi were in the same class, and even though he spent most of the time trying to swim away from me and toward the toys, he got his very first certificate of completion!


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Blaze is such a cutie. I wish we lived closer so we could see you guys more often.

Becca Bell said...

Funny thing about that certificate....he didn't actually complete the class. We love Blaze too and we're glad we do live close so we can play with him all the time!